Sandford Bessler

Scientist, Vienna University of Technology

Sandfored Bessler worked for Kapsch AG, a middle sized communications company, in different R&D positions in the field of software design for packet switched. Later, he led a network planning group that developed optimization and planning tools for the largest packet network at that time in Europe, the german Datex-P.

Between 1994-2001 he worked in the field of distributed multimedia and CSCW systems in two larger projects: The Esprit project web4groups after which he led the R&D efforts to develop the groupware product webforgroups.
Until 2015 Bessler worked as a key researcher and project manager at the new created telecommunications research center FTW.

In 2016 he moved to the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT), where he continued to work as a scientist on optimization models in microgrids for resilience enhancement. The latest project to date deals with peer to peer energy trading in a local energy market to serve the upcoming local energy communities.

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Sandford Bessler