Andreas Freitag

Senior Manager and Blockchain Lead Austria, Accenture

Andreas Freitag works as Senior Manager and Blockchain Lead Austria at Accenture since 2017.
Freitag graduated at the HTL for electrical engineering in Hollabrunn and subsequently studied business administration at the Vienna University of Economics and Business.

Since 2003, Freitag has been working as an IT consultant and project manager in various positions.
Freitag has been working intensively on blockchain technology and applications since 2015. In recent years he has designed and implemented forward-looking blockchain projects in the public sector and in the energy sector. In addition, he lectures and teaches at the FH Wieselburg on Blockchain.

„I am Blockchain Realist and look forward to assisting clients in understanding the technology, discovering the possibilities and implementing projects beyond the hype. Personally, I see the greatest potential of Blockchain technology in the public sector. Blockchain is a technology that massively complicates fraud and corruption, creating legal certainty that is a fundamental foundation for a prosperous and well-functioning society, „says the blockchain expert.

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Andreas Freitag