Dezso Molnar

Inventor, Flying Car Racing, Los Angeles

Dezso Molnar invented the Gyrocycle, a flying motorcycle.

He was the crew chief for Craig Breedlove’s “Spirit of America” land speed team, built and tested rocket planes for Rocket Racing League, was a judge for the X Prize, and at Truax Engineering, helped develop the first private rocket ship intended for manned flight which evolved into the SEALAR program at Naval Research Labs. Separately, he developed the pulse jet engines used by Survival Research Labs.

In the music field, Dezso invented and sold the Mixman DM2 remixer to Atari and Mattel, has written and recorded  music, and designed the audio program at Idealabs’ “Blastoff”; the foundation of the Google Lunar X Prize.

Dezso is a licensed airplane and gyroplane pilot, flight engineer, and mechanic. He flew transport jets in the US Air Force, and holds a BS degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and is currently a staff inventor at WET Design; creators of the Bellagio fountains, where he has patents relating to heater technology and drone aircraft.

Currently Dezso is forming the “Flying Car Racing League” as a new motorsport, and building an electric flying car for racing and exploration.

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Dezso Molnar